Thursday, September 23, 2010

Steps of how to kick a football

Step 1:
Setting the football up on the tee is very crucial and important to how you will make contact with the ball.  You want to set the ball up with a slight lean so its just inside of a 90 degree angle.

Step 2:
After setting the ball up, you then want to take 3 normal paced steps backwards off of a imaginary straight line even with the ball on tee starting with step#1.

Step 3:
You continue step 2 with your second step backwards on the imaginary line with the ball on tee.

Step 4:
After completing your 3rd and final step on the imaginary line, you plant both feet in a stable anatomical position and again, lineup ur imaginary line with the ball on tee and your target of between the goalposts.

Step 5:
After making sure all your alignments are correct you then take a lateral normal step toward your non-kicking leg.  In this pcture above it would be to the left.

Step 6:
After lining up all your targets and angles from your new position, get set, focus, and keep your head down through your follow-through.

Step 7:
After being set, you take a small approach step at the ball on tee.

Step 8:
After you first approach step you take alittle bit larger of a stride with your next step.

Step 9:
By your third step you should be within striking distance of the ball on tee.  At this point in time your opposite arm of your kicking leg will naturally star raising toward the sky.  This happens for balance and direction.

Step 10:
By this step your non-kicking leg should be planted inches along the side of the tee with your kicking leg raising.

Step 11:
Your kicking leg should be as far back as it will go with it about to return in the opposite direction with a lot of velocity and force behind it.  Also, your opposite arm of your kicking leg should also be as high as it will go for balance when impact of the kick occurs.

Step 12:
Impact of the ball from the kick.  Your non-kicking arm naturally now lowers as the force and impact are being made.

Step 13:
Follow-through of kick

Step 14:
Follow-through of kick being finished off to maintain the maximum velocity and force to backup the follow-through of the kick.

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